How To Choose a University

What To Look for in a University

When choosing where to go, it’s important to explore your options and be open to lots of different ideas. You might have your mind set on going to one place, but be open-minded and see what else there is; you never know what might be available.

Does the University Offer Your Desired Course?

Make sure that the university provides the courses that align with your career goals. If you want to be a vet, it makes little sense studying History or Art. If a particular university has a great reputation for your chosen subject, take a look and see what’s available. Check the curriculum, the professors, and the resources available to students.

What is the University’s Reputation?

Again, research the university’s reputation! You’ll probably start hearing about the reputation of a university from teachers and tutors, but it’s important to follow it up and take a look for yourself. There are many things to look at when choosing, such as ratings and rankings, facilities, history, and alumni success stories.

How Big is the University?

The size of the university is an important thing to consider. While some students thrive in larger, busier campuses, others prefer a quieter place to live/study. If you prefer being in quieter settings, a smaller university might be more suited to you. Take a look at class sizes, student-to-staff ratios and reviews of the university atmosphere. There are tonnes of websites available online for you to check out university ratings from students!

What Facilities Does the University Offer?

It’s important to state that there’s no equivalent to visiting a campus in person. Look online first, obviously, but going to get a real-life picture of the facilities is crucial. Explore the campus facilities; things like libraries, labs, study areas, and resources.

Things To Consider When Choosing a University

There are plenty of universities to choose from and lots to think about before you make any final choices, so consider the following before you do.

Is the Location Right for You?

The location of your university is totally dependent on what you want to get out of your higher education experience. If you want to be close enough to home to travel back regularly, choose somewhere that suits that, or somewhere that has good transport links. You’ll be aware of the going out culture associated with university, so if this is something you want to be part of, a city might be a better choice than somewhere rural.

You might even want to study abroad, but we’ve got a blog on choosing a university overseas.

What Accommodation is Available?

Explore the accommodation options provided by the university. Whether it’s university accommodation, private renting, or shared housing, finding a comfortable living arrangement is crucial.

Do You Meet the Entry Requirements?

Meeting the entry requirements is a key part of getting to the university of your choice. The required grades for the course you want to do will be available on their website, so try and find these out as early as possible, to ensure you can get on the right track for your grades. The entry requirements will differ by university, so have a look around!


As you get started on this exciting journey, make choices that align with your academic and personal goals. Remember to check out our other articles for first-time students, helping you to navigate the world of higher education. University is an exciting time in anyone’s life, so make sure you do everything you can to choose the right one!