7 Great Ways To Kit Out Your Student Room

We all know it’s getting more and more tiring to be confined into the small space that is our home during this Covid-19 lockdown. It can feel like the world will never reopen and things will never get back to normal. But that’s definitely not the case! Soon enough many of you will be heading to your university of choice in September and settling into your new student accommodation.

Something you can do now to get excited for the future, while you’re stuck at home, is to plan how you’re going to decorate your student room when you move in there in a few months. But you might say, where do I even start? I’ve never done any big DIY before. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! We’ve created a list of cheap, creative and easy ways you can kit out your space. Check out our ideas and make a plan on how you’re going to create a home away from home soon.


  1. Create a vision board

While there are many reasons why students choose to go to university, one of the main goals often is self-growth and an opportunity to get ahead in their chosen career path. That’s why it’s not surprising that vision boards are something you can find in the rooms of those who are particularly driven and have a plan on what their future is going to look like. Vision boards are an amazing way to set an intention for your year, your university career or even your life aspirations overall. And they look amazing as a decorative piece on the wall in your student room! You can include anything you’d like, anything that inspires you – this can range from images, graphics, drawings to colours, quotes, specific words, maps and more. Instagram and Pinterest are two main places where you can find some fantastic ideas to get you started.


  1. Put up some pictures of your loved ones

Now this one is quite a simple idea but something that you can start preparing for now. Most of us carry all of our photos on our phones and get physical copies very rarely, but they’re still a staple room decoration that can bring warmth to a cold room and make you smile on a hard day. During this lockdown, it’s a great time to go through your folders and pick out the photos you want to get printed when you can. And if you’re looking for some unique photo frames you could order from the safety of your own home, check out Etsy. You’ll definitely find at least one that would work for your room!


  1. Create your own little garden

There’s nothing that brings more air and life into a new room than some greenery. While you’ll likely have to pick out the plants themselves in a shop near your student accommodation when you get there, you can now spend some time DIYing your plant pots to match the style and theme of your room. There are so many great advice videos you can watch on Youtube, but here are a few favourites that we found:


  1. Invest in attractive storage boxes

It can be so hard to know what to bring to university, and many new students make the mistake of packing way too many things they won’t need. And that can mean that your student room gets clogged with ugly unreliable storage boxes that make you feel anxious, get in the way and are constantly reminding you how you need to Marie-Kondo your life. The best way to avoid this (apart from obviously not packing too much in the first place) is to invest in beautiful, stylish storage boxes that would become part of your student room décor. And you don’t need to pay too much money to find them. A good scour online and you’ll find the one you like the most and can get it deliver right to your door.


  1. Create art for your room

Many student rooms can be quite plain so it’s very important to bring something to jazz it, and while pictures and vision boards can be a great solution, you might want to consider making some art yourself. Whether you already like painting and drawing or you’re purely a beginner, dig out those acrylics and pencils and get creative! Being stuck at home during quarantine means that you now have time to develop those talents that you may not even knew you had – and if you’re looking for inspiration, Youtube is full of beginner guides to painting. Finally, if painting from scratch still seems a bit daunting, there’s another option. Have you heard about Paint by Numbers? An adult painting activity that has rapidly gained popularity during Covid-19 pandemic, paint by numbers for adults is not only a great way to relieve stress and tension but can also be a unique art piece to bring to your student accommodation in September. Perhaps if you complete it during this uncertain time, it will serve as a reminder to focus on beauty and positivity even in hard situations!


  1. Make your own unique mirror

One decorative piece that can make or break your room is a mirror. While many students have full length mirrors in their rooms, you might want to add something a little extra. And you really don’t have to spend a lot of money to have something that looks great. All you need is a cheap simple mirror from one of the DIY shops and a little bit of imagination. For example, you can make an iridescent and captivating mirror with your old CDs. Just break a bunch of old CDs in small pieces and use strong glue (we would recommend a hot glue gun if you have one) to glue them around the edges of the mirror in a pattern you like for a unique effect. Alternatively, you can use paper, plastic flowers or even stickers to jazz up a cheap boring mirror. The sky is the limit when it comes to your imagination and creativity!


  1. Customise your bookshelf

Believe us, any old rack or shelving unit you get from a charity shop can become the centre piece of your room with a little bit of love and creativity. For example, check out this beautiful custom self from a ladder that someone shared Instagram! Think out of the box when it comes to these. Is there anything in your current home that you and your family don’t use that could be turned into a DIY project for you? Don’t forget, quarantine allows us to stop, look at our space and reimagine what your surroundings can look like. DIY bookshelf can be something that will get your creative juices flowing and become a proud object to chat about with your new flatmates when you move into your student accommodation home in September.