Why Abodus? 7 Reasons to Choose Abodus as Your Home from Home

Congratulations! You have just made the most important decision of your university career— Which university you will be studying at next year! Now it is time to make the second most important decision of your university career, which is choosing your student accommodation.

Choosing where you will live while you are studying at university can come as a bit of a difficult decision for most, and here is why: You want to live somewhere safe, in a great location, and with great amenities, and there are countless great options to choose from when it comes to these three factors. Your university experience truly starts with where you choose to live during your studies, and it is important that you choose somewhere that offers all the above.

But don’t you also want your accommodation to be somewhere that is “more than just a room?” Well, you are in luck, because this is Abodus Student Living’s tagline, and for a great reason. Read on below to learn more about why choosing Abodus as your home away from home will be one of the best decisions you make when it comes to your university career.

  1. Monthly events. Here at Abodus, there is always something fun to do! Each month, we take special care to create a full calendar of fun events that will ensure you never have a reason to be bored. Whether you are interested in fitness, professional development, entertainment or arts and crafts, there is sure to be something for every one of our residents to enjoy! Take a look at our Instagram page for a little taster of what we get up to each month.
  2. Bespoke student discount programme. By now, you have probably seen many student discount programmes floating around, but Abodus has a student discount programme that cannot be found anywhere else. This is because Abodus’ Very Important Partners (VIP) Programme was created and established by Abodus, meaning the brands we work with were carefully chosen with our residents in mind, and the discounts you receive will likely not be offered through any other student discount programme on the market. From planners to keep your busy life organised right down to online gym memberships to keep you moving and look after your physical health, we have truly thought of it all to bring some spectacular products to our residents at an even better price point!
  3. Information right at your fingertips. As an Abodus resident, you will have access to a wealth of information, including tips on creating your best CV right down to great new recipes to try out with your flat mates. If you are ever stuck for advice or instructions on how to do something, it is very likely that we have already compiled that information for you. Check out our blog now for a small taste of the great information we offer our residents. Once you have booked your room with us, it will not be long before you are seeing this information and so much more in your Facebook residents’ groups, your email inbox and on-site at your student accommodation. You will soon be wondering what it was ever like to use an internet search engine to find the things you needed before!
  4. Regular giveaways. We try not to brag too much, but we host some pretty epic giveaways on our Instagram page! Only Abodus residents can enter and win these giveaways, meaning your chances of winning are much higher than that of those who open their giveaways to the public. We also make sure to host at least two giveaways each month, so if you miss out on winning one giveaway, you do not have long to wait until the next one! The best part of all? Our giveaways are some of the most creative we have ever seen. We are pretty sure you will not find a giveaway for a pair of fully customised trainers anywhere else!
  5. Supporting you through. When you book with Abodus, you will be joining the most inclusive, supportive, and safe community around. It is no secret that we always put our residents’ wellbeing first, and we do everything we can to ensure they feel safe, happy, and welcome across our properties always. On our website alone, we have a page dedicated solely to the wellbeing of our residents and we regularly post helpful blogs on looking after your physical and mental We are a proud Gold Partner with mental health charity Student Minds, and each month we work with them to include online events and on-site information that will aid in the support of our residents’ wellbeing. We even partner with other charities on national days of recognition such as IDAHOBIT to educate our residents on important topics such as human rights, and to provide an inclusive community for every one of our residents. We have also have produced a webpage in response to COVID-19, pointing our residents to all the precautionary measures we have implemented to ensure your safety, and we are now registered and approved by The British Safety Council. Lastly, we provide a safe space for our residents through an open-door policy from our wonderful site team members. We want our residents to not only know that they are safe and welcome in our properties, but that they can come to us for a chat in confidence if and when they ever need to do so.
  6. Free product samples. We work closely with some of the best student sampling companies around, meaning that our residents get access to the newest products and brands before anyone else through free product samples delivered right to them at their accommodation. Each year upon moving in, students will receive a welcome box from Dig-In. But it does not stop there! Throughout the year, you will receive surprise emails and residents’ group posts from us letting you know that there are free product samples down in your reception area. The samples vary from Pot Noodles to UFIT Protein Drinks, so you can be sure to enjoy some great products, all because you chose your accommodation wisely when choosing Abodus.
  7. We hear you. We know that without your feedback and opinions, we cannot continue to provide you with the best student accommodation experience possible. We give you the opportunity to tell us what you think year-round through reviews, surveys, and polls so that we can continue improving our service to you and ensuring that your university years are some of the best years of your life. We value everything you have to say, so this is our promise to you: At Abodus, you will always have a voice, and your voice will always be heard.

When you book with Abodus, you will receive so much more than just a place to lay your head— You will receive the full 360 experience that allows you to embrace your independence, socially engage with your peers and have your own space to focus on your studies.

If you need any more of a reason as to why Abodus is the perfect choice for your student accommodation, check out our six pledges to you here. In fact, don’t just listen to us! You can learn more about what it is like to live with Abodus straight from the mouths of our current residents on StudentCrowd, where we are proudly ranked in the top 10 for each city in which we operate.

We know that you will choose your student accommodation very wisely, and we look forward to welcoming you to your home-from-home in September!