What you need to decorate your new student room

With the results day being just around the corner, you’re surely going to be feeling a little unsettled and maybe even anxious waiting to hear about your A Level results. There’s a few things you can do to manage your anxiety – a variety of techniques that can help you feel calmer and more confident no matter what. Check out.

We also think that one of the best ways to make this week less stressful is to focus on all the exciting things you have to look forward to in University. Whether it’s making new friends, kicking off your career journey or taking advantage of all those student discounts, you have so much to look forward to!

But one of the things we think should get your creative juices flowing is getting to live independently at your student accommodation and decorate your new student room. There is never too late to start planning, and we put together a list of things you may need to help you turn your new room into a home-away-from-home. It’s a blank canvas and you can make it reflect what you’re all about! Let’s get started.

  • Your favourite photos & a few photo frames

We don’t need to tell you this but seeing the faces of your loved ones can make you feel a lot less homesick. And they’re a perfect decoration for your new student room that you can put up straight away after you move in. And now, as you’re waiting for the A level results, take some time to find some new quirky frames – we recommend Etsy for some unique pieces. Or perhaps you could even make one? There are lots of tutorials available on   of how you can customise your very own photo frames.

  • Motivational quotes & images

Something that you will definitely need when you start your university course in September is motivation to get through those extensive reading lists and study for your exams. It can be very helpful to see your years at university as an integral part of your success and career journey, in which case motivation will come naturally. A helpful thing to have in your room though is a vision board. You start today and spend as much or as little time on it as possible. To start with, spend some time researching motivational quotes and images that inspire you so you can get them printed and bring with you to your new student accommodation. Vision boards are an amazing way to remind yourself of your intention and they look unique as a decorative piece.

  • Plants & plant pots

Whether you already dreamed of becoming a plant mum or dad, or you’ve never even considered decorating your room with something green, it’s definitely worth considering. Plants bring air and fresh feeling to your room and can be a wonderful distraction from your busy student life. Taking care of them, watching them grow and flourish is so rewarding. Don’t hesitate, wander around some plant sections in your local supermarkets or check out the extensive range of plant pots in garden centres. There’s so many possibilities and you’ll find the right one for you! And if you’re feeling even more creative, you can DIY your plant pots to match the style and theme of your room.

Check out a couple of our favourite tutorials below:

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  • Postcards & souvenirs

Something that can really give your new room a lot of character is trinkets and souvenirs you’ve brought from places you’ve visited. Whether it’s a leaflet, a postcard or a little fridge magnet, those little bubbles of memory will warm up the room and can be an amazing conversation started when your friends come over to visit for the first time. University can be a very busy period of your life, when you may feel that you don’t have enough time to enjoy and travel, but having those memories on display can work as a motivation reminding you of all the amazing places you get to see if you continue to work hard.

  • Dreamcatchers

Now this may not be something that works for everyone, but we know many students that swear by these. Dreamcatchers can work both as a beautiful decorative piece, either brightening your room or giving it a calmer, more traditional look depending on the colours you choose. There’s a huge variety of dreamcatchers available to choose from online. And, if you believe in such things, it can help you sleep better and keep all those bad dreams away, so you get a good night sleep and feel ready to tackle every day.

If you’re looking for more advice on what you can do to make your new student room feel more like home, check out our recent blog where we give you more DIY ideas, things you can do at home now to kit out your space. From creating your own unique mirror, making art or even rolling your sleeves to customise your very own special bookshelf, we’re giving you a bunch of cheap and creative ideas. No matter whether you’re an experiences DIYer, or if you’ve never made anything with your own hands before, we promise you’ll be inspired!

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