Top Wellbeing Apps for University Students

Guest blog by John Willson

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives and an everyday item we carry, similar to our wallets or house keys. Nowadays, phones can work like computers and are very adept at that, with people being able to use them on the go. A smartphone’s ability to run applications is as essential for a lot of people as its ability to call people. Many applications have become a part of people’s everyday lives, such as social media apps and games. Despite the involvement of these apps in a person’s life, they can be very harmful and a waste of time as they don’t provide any benefit to the user.

If you look at the ages of people who spend the most time on their phones, most of them will be teenagers or young adults, with many of them being university or college students. With them spending so much of their lives on their phone, it is essential to see how they can positively benefit their lives with the time they spend on their phones.

University life can be very hectic for many with endless studying, jobs, internships, and virtual internships, which can lead to a lot of stress. Apps for wellbeing can play a very big role in helping people out.

Apps for mental health

Over the last decade, mental health awareness has risen monumentally, with help being available much more easily.

SAM is an app available for android and IOS users, and it provides a self-help approach to anxiety management. It is very common for young adults to feel anxious, and SAM can help with that by enabling its users to be the help they need.

Similar to SAM, Calm is an app that helps with anxiety. Calm can help its users feel less anxious and more stress-free with the help of meditations, sleep help, breathing programs, and music to help relax the brain.

For people looking for help with depression, TalkLife is a great app that provides a platform for people to discuss and get help from other people and is a great support network for its users. Talking about depression can be hard and challenging for many people, and TalkLife helps with that.

Apps to help sleep

There are many apps that can provide people with alarms or tools to wake up, and proper sleep can be hard to come by for students due to distorted sleep schedules, but Sleep Cycle is an app that can help a person properly manage their sleep cycle and provide input on how to make it better. Proper sleep can be hard to come by for students due to distorted sleep schedules, but Sleep Cycle is a great tool to help combat sleeping difficulties. Sleep Cycle also provides smart alarms as they can change their intensity depending on when the person does not need to be abruptly woken up.

The app Calm can help with anxiety, but it is also a great app for aiding an individual’s sleep through different meditation techniques and exercises.

Apps to manage a schedule

Time can be a very scarce thing as a student, and sticking to a schedule might be difficult for some. There are apps to help with that, and one such app is RescueTime, an app that helps you track your productivity and make better use of your time. Normally a person shouldn’t always feel like they are being forced on a schedule, but managing your study hours and work hours can be very beneficial in the long run as they can leave you with much more free time and less stress.

Clockify is an app that tracks how much time you spend working or studying and knowing that can help people manage their time and priorities more effectively.

Apps to prevent self-harm

Sadly in today’s day and age, suicide is becoming increasingly common and especially among young people. For people who feel like they are in a mental state to take their own lives, help is available in many resources, but it might be something they don’t feel comfortable looking for. Stay Alive is a great app to help people who might be having self-harm thoughts, but it is also good for people who might feel their friends or family might be looking to self-harm. The app provides many tools to help people see their importance and the value of their own life. On top of being a good app for people looking to self-harm, Stay Alive also helps people in other crises and is a great tool to help survive dangerous situations.

Calm Harm is another great app that helps people channel their self-harm thoughts into something better, like expressing themselves positively.