Still need to get your accommodation sorted for next year? Here’s how…

January is done and dusted, but for most of us there are a couple of jobs lingering on our New Year to-do lists. Sorting out University accommodation for the following year is one of those things that can easily get pushed to the back of the queue. It might seem like a complicated process, but in reality booking accommodation isn’t as much of a hassle as you might think! Stop procrastinating and get sorted – you’ll thank yourself later.

Step 1: Work out where you are going to live

The first step is obvious: choosing where you’re going to live! Ask yourself:

Narrow down on the type of room you would like to rent and in which type of accommodation – you can then start the process of enquiring about and eventually booking somewhere. If you’re still unsure about what type of accommodation you would like to live in, click here to read last week’s blog!

Step 2:  Make enquiries

Now you’ve decided roughly where you would like to live, it’s time to start making enquiries. If you’ve chosen to rent privately from a landlord, make an appointment at a local letting agent. If you’d rather live in University halls, your chosen Uni’s accommodation team will be able to advise further. If you’ve decided private student halls is more for you, get on google! A quick search on or will bring up relevant accommodations with whom you can enquire with directly. Even if you don’t book immediately, by making an initial enquiry you are supplying your details to that accommodation provider, who can then alert you of any future offers and discounts!

Step 3: Arrange a viewing!

Before settling on an accommodation, it is a good idea to view the property first. Most private student halls offer viewings, as do University operated halls. If the accommodation you’re interested in is too far to view, make sure to check the website: PGSV offer a virtual tour of the different types of room on offer for this very reason.

Step 4: Get organised

Booking your accommodation doesn’t need to be complicated, but the process may be frustrating if you don’t have the information you need to hand. Get the ball rolling early on: try to collect the information you’re going to need – guarantor’s details, personal information, bank details etc – well in advance.

Step 5: Apply and book!

Finally, it’s time to sit down and get booked into your chosen accommodation. If you’re renting from a private landlord, usually a trip to the letting agent is in order – staff there will help you through the process. If you’re booking into a private accommodation, note down useful contact details in case you run into any unforeseen issues. You can now apply online for most private accommodations – simply create an account and get your application underway.

So, what’s stopping you?

If you’re holding off from booking your accommodation because you haven’t got your grades yet, check the cancellation policy of your preferred accommodation. You may be able to cancel later down the line if you don’t get the grades you need for Uni without losing your deposit.

And if you’re already living in private accommodation and still haven’t got next year’s plans in place, why not stay put and take advantage of exclusive offers? Indeed, rebooking at Portland Green Student Village couldn’t be easier – just log into your account online and start your application, your initial deposit will simply roll over to the year after!