Post Exam Slump

If you’ve just finished your exams, you’re probably in one of two places: with your mates in the pub, or in your bed watching Netflix. Either way, you deserve a good rest and a bit of fun after all that hard work and stress.

While taking it easy over summer is a must, keeping an eye on the future academic year and indeed your future career won’t hurt you in the long run. There are plenty of opportunities you could be making the most of over the summer before the next academic year begins, some of which might prove useful in the future.

Volunteer in your local area

If you have moved back home for the summer and find yourself at a loose end, why not look into volunteering in your hometown? Even just a few hours on a Sunday in your local Oxfam for a few weeks could bump up your CV – you never know, it might help you out in an interview in the future.

Take up a summer internship

You’re probably not crazy about the idea of working over summer. But an internship doesn’t have to be office-based! If you’re interested in the outdoors or just fancy an adventure, a quick google search will bring up companies that offer activity or camp-based internships. These opportunities don’t even have to be UK based: signing up to Camp America for example could see you jetting off to the US for a summer you’ll never forget!

Tutor in your spare time

Even if you’re not planning on going into education, being able to help others learn and develop is a skill that you can transfer into any workplace. Gaining some tutoring experience will one day show future employers you have what it takes to help others achieve their goals. Students can even make some money from tutoring – making a free profile on a tutoring site such as MyTutor could lead to any number of paid opportunities over the summer.

The next few months are a really good time to spread your wings and try new things! For more information, check out these useful articles and sites:

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