New Year, New You?


By Louise, Social Media and Events Executive at Abodus

New year, new you?

Personally, that phrase is not for me, or do I plan to use it, however as a new year comes in and the dreaded getting used to making sure you remember to write the year correct, there are a few things I want to list to make this year better than the previous.

For me, there’s this thing I do when I have this idea to start a new hobby, purchase the needed supplies for this but then never, ever do it. It’s my ADHD, it’s a horrible trait to which with the determination there’s hope this year I can turn this around and start to actively change that and actually get somewhere.

So, number one on my list, is exactly that.

  1. Crocheting

The hooks, the wool, patterns and many an idea saved to a dedicated Pinterest board, I have it all. Was anything made? Shamefully, I can admit no. But this new year I am pushing myself to go back to this and at least try and achieve making one thing, it’s better than nothing.

  1. Continue my weight hula hoop journey

If you’ve used a weighted hula hoop no matter the weight, you will know it’s a process and it takes more than a few goes to get into it. There will be bruising, it will cause pain, but I am keen for myself, to stick to it long term and feel better within my own health. This isn’t a want for losing weight or any other purpose than to just feel better mentally.

  1. Travel more

Life is too short and, in this climate, you never really know what’s around the corner. There’s the saying, money will always return and making memories are more valuable. Travel to that new city you want to go to, go to that event in a place you’ve never been before and you never know what could come of it.

  1. Read more

Being one of those that start something and never finish, my reading goal for this year is to read a certain amount of books per month. In doing per month, it means reasonable goals can be set for each depending what my plans are during that time.

And finally, not setting too many that it’s overwhelming, my fifth goal this year I am aiming to achieve;

  1. Be less digital and more organised

We spend a vast majority of our time usually online, or well I do. Whether working or in my own personal time, being online or utilising something that needs power generally, is all I spend my time doing. Getting out and about more is a goal and something I think everyone should prioritise.

I for one, am awful at being organised. Doesn’t mean I don’t get things ticked off the list, it means I never created a physical list to follow. Having tasks written and being able to tick off, gives me that satisfaction and means the day has been productive. It’s making that list initially, that’s where it starts.

2023 can be the year for you of change, not in yourself but just in the way you view and approach life itself. Recognising flaws and wanting to change certain aspects to better yourself is my approach for the year rather than telling myself it’s myself that completely needs to change. Taking steps to improve the life you live is my aim for 2023.