How to feel less isolated at university

By Josh, Techtimeout Rep

Have you ever felt like you are trapped in a bubble at university? We all know that university can be a lonely place at times.  After freshers week sometimes it can feel like all the initial excitement of university disappears.  All you wake up to is online lectures and occasional trips to the library.  So how do you break this bubble in order to feel less isolated at university?


  • tip 1- participate in activities

A great way to break out of your shell is to participate in activities outside of your regular routine.  You could join a sports team or start something new. Some universities also give you the option to start your own society which could lead to something entirely new and groundbreaking.  Participating in activities is a great way to make new friends that you otherwise wouldn’t have met.  When I was at university I started Brazilian jiu jitsu and doing this helped me to make new friends and it also got me fit.

  • tip 2- using your phone as a tool

Do you use your phone or does your phone use you?  When you’re at uni it is important to use social media actively and not just passively. When using social media it is important to interact with other people and get involved.   If you find it difficult to stop once you start, a great tip is to set time limits on social media to ensure you do not overuse it.

  • tip 3- attend lectures

Although this is a sore point at the moment as most students are only offered online lectures, it is important to attend as many in-person lectures or small group sessions as possible.

Usually at the start of term lecture halls are filled with students but as the term drags on less and less people attend lectures.  Attending lectures can help you make new friends and meet people studying the same course as you. It can also mean that you do not spend hours trying to catch up in the library giving you more time to do other activities (see tip 1)


  • need further help?

Need more support? techtimeout have partnered with Student Minds to address growing mental health concerns and students’ relationship with technology. The partnership will enable Student Minds to access tailored programmes, tools and resources to help students have a healthier relationship with their technology.  If you are looking for more advice please visit . There are also other charities such as UK rehab that offer advice on internet addiction. You can find out more at


To feel less isolated at university you should:

  • Participate in activities outside your typical routine
  • Use social media and technology only as one tool to get the most out of your social life
  • If possible attend lectures, study groups and be interactive in class

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