6 Ways to Stay Healthy in the Summer Season

Summertime can be such an exciting time for students and the perfect time for to unwind and feel carefree. That could be by taking a well-deserved holiday, working a part time job or enjoying time with your friends from home.

Whichever way you are spending your break, it can often be easy to lose focus of the healthy habits you may have created when in a studious routine. That doesn’t mean that you can’t stay on track and make positive contributions to your wellbeing.

Here are some ways that you can make the most of your time off university and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Stay Hydrated!

Remembering to keep drinking water throughout the day is so important, especially when it is warm outside and the days are longer. We suggest starting the day right by drinking a large glass of water first thing, then filling up a 1 Litre bottle twice a day to stay on track.

Top trick – Put your 1L bottle in the freezer the night before and you can enjoy ice cold water all day!

Indulging in water-rich and nutritious foods such as watermelon or cucumbers is also a great way to increase your water intake and an effective way to help keep you cool whilst absorbing lots of nutrients!

Keeping our bodies hydrated also does wonders for skin.

Spend Time Outdoors

Make the most of the longer, warmer days and take to some outdoor adventures!

Whether it is a social stroll with friends, a moment of mindfulness in a nearby park or simply walking the dog – they can all work wonders for both your mental and physical well-being.

Have you ever heard of forest bathing?

Forest bathing is an ancient Japanese mindfulness practice whereby you immerse yourself in nature by turning off your devices and being at peace with the environment around you through your senses. It has lots of significant benefits such as de-stressing, strengthening your immune system and lowering your blood pressure.

Check out woodland and forest spaces in your local area and spend a couple of hours meditating whilst taking in the beauty.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Getting enough shut eye is crucial as it helps our body rejuvenate and heal itself. During the summer, try to make up for the late nights of studying and socialising at university and really focus on getting regular, quality sleep.

When the humidity is high, the sun is bursting through the windows and the birds are chirping earlier each day, it can be difficult to switch off and stay switched off. To stop the feeling of restlessness in the summer heat, we recommend finding a routine that works for you and stick with it. That could be turning off devices a couple of hours before bed, finding a good book to wind down with or indulging in an evening self-care a few times a week.

Enjoy a Balanced Diet

We all love a BBQ in the summer but you don’t have to eliminate them if you are trying to be healthy. Add plenty of colour to your plate with veggies and salads, balanced with lean proteins and homemade sauces. Try to avoid processed meats by opting for quality meats and fish that keep you fuller for longer!

If you have the time, explore your area for locally sourced produce. Local food products such as fresh eggs and fish hold more nutrients and vitamins– it is also a great way to support smaller businesses.

Once you have your fresh, local ingredients, you could try experimenting with new healthy recipes. Your creative recipes will come in handy when you are back at university as you will save money by home cooking and maybe even impress your flatmates!

Top tip – You don’t need to overeat on sugary treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. Some of our Abodus VIP partners have wonderful healthy alternatives to high sugar food. Check out our VIP’s here!

Get Active

Exercising can be a healthy way of out letting any stress, it can boost your self-esteem and improves your quality of sleep. If you are relatively new to exercise, it is okay to feel overwhelmed or unaware of how to begin. Here are some suggestions to ease you into finding what works for you:

  • Keep to a moderate pace as it will still have significant effects on your health
  • Start small and track your progress
  • Set achievable short-term goals
  • Practice moderate cardio such as walking, jogging or swimming
  • Ensure your body has the right fuel for each activity

It can be difficulted to feel motivated in the warm weather, we recommend stepping out to exercise in the cooler parts of the day. 10am – 3pm are recognised as the warmest hours of the day, it might be a good idea to avoid exercising between those hours. On particularly hot days, adding water to your work out could be an invigorating way of staying fit whilst keeping cool. Take a look at sports such as paddle boarding, kayaking or even a refreshing outdoor swim – you never know what hobbies you might discover.

Keep Your Mind Active Too

Assignments have been handed in and it is time for a summer of relaxation, hooray! But relaxation doesn’t mean that you have to totally switch off your brain and abandon your thirst for learning. Summer can be a fantastic time to indulge in new learning experiences such as languages, meditation and cooking – see what classes are available near you and try something new!

Do you have a creative flair? Keep exploring your creativity throughout the summer break. Take inspiration from wherever you are and continue to express yourself limitlessly without the restrictions of a curriculum. You may want to look at a summer project that allows you to showcase your passions and discover new artistic ways to demonstrate your creativity.

If you are attempting to avoid books and brain work this summer, then enjoying walks in new environments, taking up some part time work, volunteering and socialising with friends are all going to contribute to a healthy, happy brain. All the while, you will be sub consciously building up your skillset and preparing yourself for another exciting year at university!