5 Easy Skincare Tips for Uni Students

As a university student, it can be difficult to find much time outside of your studies, work responsibilities and social life. But you should always make time for self-care, especially when it comes to your skincare routine.

While it might be a bit daunting to think of adding another item to your already growing daily to-do list, remember that your skin is what protects you your entire life, so it is important to take the time to take good care of it.

Are you keen to get started on this new journey of loving and looking after your skin, but you are not sure where to begin? Not to worry, Abodus Student Living has teamed up with Noughty Skin and Body Care to put together a list of our top five easy-to-follow steps to get you on your way! Read on below to learn more.

  1. Get to know your skin. To ensure you are taking the best care of your skin, you first need to learn about your skin type and all its needs. There are many different skin types – from sensitive to acne prone to combination – and care should be taken to learn exactly what your skin type is so that you know how to properly look after it. There is a plethora of information on the internet to help you on your way, and you should certainly do the research to make sure your skin is getting exactly what it needs, but as stated above, as a university student you do not have much extra time in your day! To save time, but not at the expense of your skin, we suggest taking a skincare quiz like this one from Noughty Skin and Body Care.
  2. Choose the best products for you… and the environment! Now that you have taken your skincare quiz and received your results on exactly what your skin needs, you can begin to build your skincare stocklist. The beauty of taking the Noughty Skin and Body Care quiz is that it gives you a complete list of the best products for your skin type, so it takes much of the work out of researching which products suit your skin best. Another bonus to choosing Noughty for your skincare routine from start to finish is that their products are sustainable, and they are completely transparent about what is in them, so you know they are both safe for your body and safe for the planet. You can read all about Noughty’s sustainability here.
  3. Get into a strict routine. Once you know your skin care needs and choose the best products for you, you can move on to building and beginning your skincare routine. We know you are busy with your studies and other responsibilities but building your skincare routine and getting into a habit of providing your skin with what it needs daily is vital to maintaining healthy skin. The main thing to remember is to stay consistent with your routine. If you are consistent with the time of day and the steps you are taking in performing your routine, you will soon find that your routine has become a habit and will feel much like a second nature to you. In fact, it will probably feel strange if ever you do not perform it! You can read more about how to get into a good routine in our blog about increasing your productivity here.
  4. Make it enjoyable. Instead of thinking of your skincare regime as a chore, think of it as self-care. Make it something to look forward to each day by making it a special time in your day, whether that is playing music or your favourite podcast as you get ready in the morning or taking a nice, relaxing bath and moisturising your skin before you crawl into bed at night. If ever you feel that your skincare routine is becoming a bit of a dull thought to you, try switching up when or how you perform your routine. This could look like giving yourself a massage when applying your lotion or treating yourself to a special skin scrub or serum that you use on set days of the week. While it is important to get yourself into a set routine with your body care, it is also important to truly enjoy your taking care of your skin, so it might be worth exploring changing things up a bit if you begin to get bored with your daily routine.
  5. Love your skin! Arguably the most important part of your skincare routine is loving the skin you are in! Love it for all it has done for you and appreciate it for where it is at right now. Are you having a hard time figuring out how to best love and appreciate your skin? The easiest way to get into a positive mindset about your skin is to shout about all the things it has done for you, from keeping you warm all the way down to protecting your immune system from harsh external environmental factors. (Yes, you read that right!) And while you are at it, why not share your appreciation for your skin in line with Noughty’s #DearBody campaign on Instagram? When you put your positivity out into the world, and you will flourish in how you truly feel about yourself and it will be so much easier to maintain your skincare routine and care for your skin properly as a result.

Now that you have our top tips for implementing an easy skincare routine into your busy life as a university student, it is time to start your new journey of loving and looking after your skin. And not only have Abodus and Noughty teamed up to create this blog, but we have also teamed up to give our residents an exclusive discount on Noughty products, so there has never been a better time to be an Abodus resident or to start your new skincare routine!