10 Love Songs You Never Knew You Needed

Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate the love in your life and the launch of our new Spotify channel, we have put together a list of our favourite love songs that you probably never knew you needed in your life. Read on below for the full list!

  1. Love On Top by Beyonce – We love this 1980s-style upbeat song because it celebrates having that special person in your life who you know you can always count on and who makes loving you a priority.
  2. Holy by Justin Bieber ft. Chance the Rapper – This pop song quite literally takes you to church with its elements of gospel music, discussing loyalty and faith in terms of love and relationships.
  3. Like Mariah by Fifth Harmony, ft. Tyga – An ode to Mariah Carey’s ‘Always Be My Baby,’ this R&B love song will be on repeat both on your radio and in your head!
  4. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) by Edison Lighthouse – Thanks to TikTok, this classic love song celebrating the one you love for all their quirks and imperfections has made a major comeback, and we are here for it!
  5. Dancing in the Kitchen by LANY – In the words of The Beatles, “All you need is love!” This song plays on that narrative quite well, pointing out that whether you have a lot or a little, it doesn’t matter as long as you have the love in your life.
  6. That’s What I Want by Lil Nas X – We love this song because it unashamedly states what so many of us crave in life: To be loved by another human being.
  7. Cardigan by Taylor Swift – This nostalgic love song both celebrates and reflects on the beauty of young love that is often overlooked.
  8. Shivers by Ed Sheeran – From his latest studio album ‘= (Equals)’, ‘Shivers’ is a fun and catchy song that perfectly describes that familiar feeling that new love gives us.
  9. Butterflies by MAX and Ali Gate – This song celebrates how people can grow and change over time, but how the love between them remains steadfast.
  10. Slow Dance by AJ Mitchell ft. Ava Max – We chose this song to round out our list because it tells a story of bravery by taking a chance on love, even if all the odds are stacked against you.

If you want to listen to the songs above, you can find them and many more on our Valentine’s Day Playlist. We hope this playlist has inspired you to celebrate every form of love in your life, not just today but every day!