Abodee Summer Staycation Programme

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Here at Abodus we understand that the life of a modern day student is subject to change and you need to have flexibility these days more than ever. Whether you are looking to rebook your room for or explore another city for the summer we have options that can fit well for you at an affordable rate. Stay with us and make the most of your summer break in some of the best university cities in the UK.

Do you need summer accommodation whilst you study for a pre-sessional language course or have you got a summer job or work experience lined up in one of our cities? We have the options for you regardless of whether you are wanting to work or explore this summer.

At Abodus we are able to accommodate you in the best way possible with more than just a room this summer.

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your Summer options your Summer options your Summer options 

your Summer options

 your Summer options your Summer options your Summer options

Rebook your room for summer

Your all-inclusive package this summer…

Finding affordable student accommodation in the summer doesn’t have to be difficult, forget expensive hotels and hidden surcharges, rebooking your room in your current student accommodation is the best way to stay in the city you require on a budget. Does the following apply to you?

  • Need somewhere to stay before your new tenancy starts
  • Do you need to store your personal belongings whilst you travel home or go travelling during your university break
  • Do you need to stay in the city for work
  • Or have you rebooked for next year and want to stay in your room for the full summer instead of moving out

If one of these applies to you then we have the perfect option for you. Stay with us for the whole summer for only £500. Summer stays end 2 weeks prior to check in unless you have rebooked your room.

Why rebook your room for summer you may ask:

Book today to avoid disappointment.

Abodee Summer staycation programme

Your all inclusive package this summer…

At Abodus we understand that the life of a modern day student is subject to change and you need to have flexibility these days more than ever! Summer accommodation leases are the perfect fit for you if you want to explore a new city or remain in your current room for the whole of summer. Whether you opt to study a pre-sessional course, non-degree course (to increase your employability) or learning to study English, we have a range of flexible contracts! If you are an Erasmus exchange student or on a short-term placement as part of your degree program, at Abodus, we are able to accommodate you with More Than Just A Room.

At Abodus we pride ourselves on offering flexibility wherever possible; if you’re in search of the best accommodation over the summer break, in the most attractive cities in the U.K, we are confident we meet your expectations and secure you a perfect stay!

Regardless of if you are on placement or hoping to arrive in your new city early and stay for Summer, or even extend your stay! We offer flexible contracts throughout the U.K and are always ready to talk you or and your friends and family through our availability.

With every summer booking, you can enjoy the same all-inclusive package of services and benefits as our full time students. At Abodus, this includes lifestyle and laundry facilities, bicycle storage, car parking (where available) and, more importantly! superfast wi-fi. As with all of our ‘More Than Just A Room’ contracts, there’s no need to worry about water, gas or electricity bills! We make sure they are all included as part of the package, making it simple and easy to your tight budget. We would prefer you spent your money getting to know your new destination!

Making a booking

Booking and Contracts

This summer you are able to stay for the whole of summer for only £500. Whether you move to a new city or remain in your current room the price remains the same. Contracts end 2 weeks prior to September contract start dates unless you have rebooked then you can remain in your room the whole time. No deposit required and payment will be required at the time of booking for the whole stay.

You have the option of which city you would like to stay in so please fill in the form below with your enquiry and our site team will review and get back to you as soon as possible.

All contracts will be discussed on an individual basis with your local customer service team and are subject to availability. The day and time of check-in will be within normal working hours as agreed with the site team.

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Working with Abodus this summer

Abodus is committed to building great relationships with local, national, and international partners. If you’re interested in working with Abodus this summer we’d love to hear from you, please contact our team via enquiries@abodusstudents.com

Abodee Summer Staycation programme Abodee Summer Staycation programme Abodee Summer Staycation programme 

Abodee Summer Staycation programme

 Abodee Summer Staycation programme Abodee Summer Staycation programme Abodee Summer Staycation programme

Your all-inclusive summer package for just £500