5 Attractions Brighton Students Recommend

There are plenty of reasons why Brighton should be at the top of your UK travel list. The city itself is lively, student-friendly and jam-packed full of fun things to do. There’s something for everyone in Brighton, which is why tourism to the city has peaked in recent years. Here are five attractions that Brighton is world famous for, and which make the city such a great place to visit!

The Pier

The iconic Brighton Pier attracts visitors from around the globe, and every year you will find hundreds of people drawn to the famous spot for its choice of restaurants, live events and thrilling rides. A big hit with tourists and locals alike, the Pier is an absolute must if you’re visiting the city.

The marina

Centred on a busy yacht harbour, the picturesque Brighton Marina hosts a variety of shops and boutiques. The historic Volk’s Electric Railway, first opened in 1883, shuttles between the marina and the pier.


Brighton is famous for being the UK’s LGBTQ Capital, a reputation built up over 200 years. With annual Pride events drawing visitors every summer, there are plenty of hotspots around the city, including legendary pubs such as The Bulldog and The Camelford Arms.

The Lanes

Once the centre of the small fishing village Brighthelmstone, The Lanes is made up of twisting backstreets and alleyways, packed out with independent boutiques and local stores. If you are planning a daytrip to an indoor shopping centre, why not switch it up and try exploring The Lanes: you might find yourself walking away with a unique find.

The Royal Pavilion

Before becoming king, George IV, loved Brighton and set out to build royal apartments.  With a history that includes Queen Victoria and being used as a hospital during WWI for Indian soldiers.  The building, now owned by Brighton is a must for anyone interested in the legacy of Regency architecture and sensibilities.