15 things to do in isolation

With the world currently practising self-isolation and social distancing, we thought we’d find ways to make staying in, the new going out. With Abodus’ 15 things to do in isolation, this should help keep the boredom at bay during the coronavirus pandemic. From live comedy, creating bucket lists, and even some kitchen Olympics, we’ve got you covered…


  1. Make a wish! – Stick with us on this one… It’s easy to miss the routine and things you have taken for granted in everyday life during this down time. So instead of feeling sad over it, turn it in to your bucket list! Get some paper, or post it notes, and for every thought you have about what you wish you could be doing, write it down. Store it in a jar, bottle or even Tupperware. This could be something as small as visiting your friend, eating in your favourite restaurant, or even a holiday you’ve always wanted to go on. At the end of this, it’ll turn out you’ve only gone and made your very own bucket list!


  1. Watch some LIVE comedy – That’s right. Your heard that correctly. LIVE COMEDY! When you need a reason to smile, comedy is a perfect route for this. And the amazing people behind The Stand Comedy Club, has your Saturday nights sorted! Every week, they will have a free show beginning at 8:30pm! With some big names getting involved, why not get some snacks and drinks ready, and enjoy a night of comedy! You could even get your friends involved and set up a group chat to enjoy it together.


  1. Tik Tok – Have you been fighting the urge to dive in? It might be time to get creative and get involved in a challenge. Why not task your friends too and see if they can pull any of them off.


  1. Daily work out – You may have thought that your PE days at school were over, but they’re only just beginning thanks to the wonder that is Joe Wicks, AKA The Body Coach! Taking the globe by storm, this is a great way to find some internal physical exercise and feeling part of a community taking part. His classes take place every day at 9am, GMT, but can be streamed online through his YouTube We dare you not to try this one, as it’s a great mood lifter!


  1. Clear out your wardrobe – Seeing as it is Spring, why not grasp the spring cleaning with both hands and roll up your sleeves. This time inside could allow you to truly declutter what you’ve been hoarding. It’s surprising how much you can cling onto, and especially after moving out for university, it’s surprising what you can go back to and realise you no longer need. You can declutter and really get rid of what you no longer need to keep.


  1. Make a travel bucket list – What a better time to think of the future and the wonderful places that can be visited, than right now. This could be looking into a weekend break, a couple weeks away, or for the more adventurous ones out there something a bit more long term! Why not use this time to day dream of that trip, or even begin planning it. STA Travel are a great help when planning these exciting adventures!


  1. Learn a language – This might be for the budding bunch of you out there, but this could be the perfect way to occupy yourself in boredom. Why not download Duolingo and challenge yourself to finally take the steps to learn a new language! You can even have a lesson every day! Giving you something little to look forward to each day.


  1. Let the creative juices flow – Believe it or not, there are wonderful things that can be done, that don’t involve using your phone or technology! And right now, it might be worth taking a moment in the day to give yourself rest from these platforms. Why not challenge yourself to get into drawing or painting. Or maybe even pull out the good old board games and jigsaws.


  1. Practice makes perfect – it’s surprising how much trying, trying and trying again can actually improve your skills. So why not give it go? You might find out that suddenly you don’t need to pay to get your eyebrows, nails or eyelashes done anymore. You could even use this time to prefect the prefect recipe, we hear MOB Kitchen have got some great go to recipes, or even a magic trick! Why not give something a go, and then you can show it off to your flatmates next time you get together.


  1. Organise a party with your friends – It’s surprising what the virtual world allows us to do, and of course it’s ever growing and evolving. But what more could you need right now than a app that allows you get together with your friends, and loved ones, whilst social distancing. Say hello to the must have app of the moment, Houseparty – making social-isolation easier.


  1. Kitchen Olympics – thinking of making a cuppa? Why not challenge yourself for the perfect free throw? It’s the little things that could make you smile, so why not set up your empty cup or mug, and take a few steps back. Challenge yourself to free throw your tea bag in the mug until you can get it in to make that lovely cup of tea.


  1. Listen to a pod cast – if your not much of a reader, this is a great way to let your mind switch off! There are so many great listens out there, with a few fan favourites coming from Chris Ramsey and his wife or Joe Rogan. This could be great company when in the house, or something to listen to on your walk, giving you a 1 hour window to take a stroll with some virtual company. If your new to the podcast game, have a little look through and maybe download one session from everyone featuring in the top 10 to see what you might like.


  1. Plan your time wisely – Don’t worry, we get it, you’re probably thinking how can we plan our time wisely during this. But listen, we’re all in the same boat, and taking 10 minutes a day to structure your day could really benefit you. Pull together a list of things you’d like to achieve for the week and create a plan to match this. The small achievements are our milestones at the moment so it’s great to use this time wisely.


  1. Volunteer – I bet your thinking, ‘How on earth can this be done right now’, but if you’ve been watching the news, you’ll know exactly what we mean. At the moment, everyone is going through the same thing, and planning to support and help one another to get through this together. NHS Volunteer Responders has been set up to support the NHS during this crisis. IF you feel you can support, please register your interest here.


  1. Binge TV or Film – We’ve all used it before to check out if a programme or film is worth watching, but now is the time to take the risk and really dive deep into the online platforms that let us do so. Want to know what’s worth it and what’s not? Why not check out what Rotten Tomatoes has to say, or suggest, making it easier to pick what’s binge worthy.